Using technology to enhance our service offering

Using technology to enhance our service offering

In the summer of 2017, Team Offshore entered into a contract with Geodetic Offshore Services Limited (GOSL) to provide one of our Daughter Class PSV’s for a Subsea Pipeline Inspection Program using a Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV).

With the assistance of our strategic partner, Topaz Energy & Marine, a platform was designed that would hold the Launch and Recovery System (LARS) for the ROV. The platform was constructed entirely in Nigeria by a local team and was placed on the Topaz Amani in October of 2017. ROV work can only be done during the dry season in Nigeria (October – May) and so the platform was designed in such a way that it could easily be removed and replaced on any of the Daughter Class vessels that may be available.

For the 2017/18 season we worked with the Topaz Amani, and for the 2018/19 season we are working with Topaz Isra. On board are Exxon Mobil Reps, as well as GOSL Reps and the ROV “drivers”, and our crew, who have worked relentlessly to ensure customer satisfaction.

ROV surveys are a 24/7 task, with the ships DP system constantly engaged to ensure we stay in line with the subsea pipeline. The vessel remains offshore for 60 days and returns to port for 2 days in order to take on provisions, crew change, and any shoreside maintenance requirements, before returning to its offshore duties.

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