Our dedicated team ensures that the services we provide are of the highest quality and always meet our clients’ exact requirements. We aim to set ourselves apart from our competitors and let our clients benefit from additional advantages resulting from working with us. Our superior quality record comes with the entire team's commitment to excellence in service delivery and adherence to the operating processes. At Team Offshore, our goal is to bring the best international practices to Nigeria and continuously improve our services.

Monitoring and interpreting our HSSE record are crucial to identifying actions for continuous improvement. We have progressively expanded our HSSE training programs across all of our strategic business units, and this has translated into tangible results.
The QHSSE-function, mandated by senior management, assists in the formulation of policies, the implementation and monitoring of actions necessary for risk control, and the efficient communication of essential health, safety and environmental information to the workforce.

Team Offshore's commitment to safety permeates throughout all levels of the organisation. We strive to create an incident-free workplace and believe that it can be achieved through an uncompromising approach to safety. A systematic training and empowerment program ensures that all staff actively participate in the development of ongoing improvements to an already well-established safety system.
Working very closely with our clients, we ensure that our safety systems comply with every requirement of their safety systems. Any incidents that occur are subject to a full and proper investigation from which we draw conclusions to prevent similar situations in the future.

It is of a high priority for Team Offshore to protect its employees and assets (both ashore and afloat) from all forms of terrorism and other illegal acts. We are taking all reasonable steps in pursuance of this aim. So far as possible, security measures are designed to deter any attack, be it an act of terror or other illegal act. It is mandatory for all contractors and suppliers to comply with Team Offshore security requirements whilst on company property or on-board a company vessel.

We continuously improve our employees’ and stakeholders' awareness of issues that impact the environment in which we operate. Driving improvement and compliance with applicable laws and regulations is our responsibility as a dynamic and progressive service provider in the energy industry.